Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Moment you all have been waiting for.... My First Blog post in Africa!

Where to begin!

I have been here for two whole days, and still so much that I can tell you! The Full time Staff: Ester, Lois, Monica, Godfry, and Moses are the ones that live here at the home, and then Joseph and Sara who are the founders of the ministry, live off-site with their 8month baby girl, ABBY! (all are from Uganda except for Sara who is from Texas!) They are so wonderful, to help me adjust to everything, and everyone. They even gave me a cell phone- I don't know if I'll use it except for the time and maybe the flashlight, I still think it is overly Amazing!  I am adjusting to the culture, time, and routine very well but I think I still have a lot more to learn!  These kids here are so sweet and lovable (well not always towards each other, but they are pretty young and kids will be kids.)  So far I have felt nothing but kindness and loving attitudes towards me from everyone.

Again there hasn't been one time, other then when they are sleeping, that there isn't one or more kids trying to crawl on my lap, or back, or just snuggle up close and get some loving.  (I can't stop thinking about how long they will act like this... if it's just because I'm new or if they will be like this the whole two and half months! :)   

9 of these 13 kids attend school just down the road from the home; Today I helped walk them to and from school, and all the kids in the school seemed so amazed to see me (Mzungu- white person) All the kids would gather around me and try to get close to touch me with the biggest excitment in thier eyes!  I came with Auntie Lois, to pick them up and they didn't even notice her, they all came out of there classes and ran straight towards me ( I felt like a celebraty or something!)  And the 9 of these kids that I know, loved to show me off "This is My Auntie Melissa..." "My Mzungu friend...!" 

I haven't seen much of town or sites yet, I arrived when it was dark, and the first few days I have only left to see the school and back to the home.  They are showing me Banana Trees, coffee, jack fruit, and some kind of fruit call popple (I don't know if that is spelled right, or if it is any different than the popple trees we have in MN.   Tomorrow is when we go to the market, and they say that they are going to buy a bunch of these fruits and stuff that I have to try! So I can tell you how that turns out later. I did see a couple stars and an almost full moon tonight, before it started to rain, I was so surprised to stars though cause I know we are in a BIG city.

The Kids love to have their picture taken... so when I have my camera out they all pose and then they want to see it! So here is a select few that I thought I would share so far..

 Carol modeling her new dress that I brought to her from the WCA FCCLA! This one fits, Carol is so tiny that they have trouble finding clothes that actually fit.  We tried one of the smallest ones on after she woke up from her nap with wet pants, just to see if it fit, and she loved it so much, she put it back on today. 

Hey it's me attempting to take a picture of myself, and though it's not the best picture, I thought you wanted to see one with me in them. :)  The kids love playing with my hair and messing with it ) so I'm I'm blaming it on that on why my hair looks so weird, it's a new style to them and the love touching it!  This is Carol and Emma snuggling up.  They are the two smallest kids , here!  

Cucos is showing me how to play with the tires.  It is amazing that they are their favorite thing to play with. 

Mary!! She is Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, epilepsy, and some Autism too.  Though she is out grown it a lot, keeping her in her chair keeps her some what contained.

Emma's hand is so tiny, and I'm so White!! 

Fusia posing for the camera, and Annett in the back ground!  

Oscar LOVED the barrel of monkey's I brought. He hung them in the bushes! :) 

Brenda, Little Emma, Annett, and Jerom wanted their picture taken! 

Joel is finishing his snack, POPCORN while Jerom tried to get in the picture!  

I didn't get all the kids, but I still have a long time to go!

I really don't know what to say anymore at this time, other than Thanks for reading this and praying for me.


  1. M. Dockter, you smell like pickles and cheese. Yep, you stink. I can smell you all the way from Africa.
    If Brianna were here, she would tell you to make friends with a pet lion. BUT, I've heard those can be pretty dangerous in Africa, lol. Girl, those kids need to meet Mamma D one of these days. It's still SO hard for me to believe that I'm writing this in Bemidji, and you're all the way in Africa. I'm so glad that you're safe, and enjoying yourself. I've also been praying that you would have one American friend who could help you adjust to culture shock. (If it hasn't started yet, it will...) I am so thankful that you listened to God and stepped out in faith to go to Africa. It is clear to me that you are following God.
    I love yo, and while I'm glad you're there, I still can't wait til you get back!
    Be blessed, and keep lovin on some kids!

    Love you lots!
    Rachel rae...

  2. Melissa....Ali Leegaard here, formerly known as Ali Strand ;) I think it is soooo great what you are doing and I am so happy to see the pictures and to hear that your getting along so good...I would be scared of the different animals and climate and so much more... All of the children look so wonderful and joyful... I really like your posting about how the children show you off I feel as if its like your their angel... Take care, enjoy your time and God Bless!