Friday, March 23, 2012

Three weeks have past already! And this past week was quite a busy one, but in a good way!  I don't even know how to say all the things I want to in this blog post but here it goes... Happy Reading!

On Monday I met Trisha, Mama Sara and Uncle Joseph's Neighbor.  Trisha is originally from Toronto, Canada, and has a counseling and discipleship ministry in the Acholi Quarters: Which is one of the worst slums in Kampala, all these people are from Northern Uganda and ran away from the war, but ended up here where they are left with nothing, the only way they make money is either paper beads, and/or the rock quarry (where they sit all day pound big rocks into smaller, gravel sized rocks.) These people (population of just that area is 11,000) are trying to find a way back home to northern Uganda, but that isn't as easy as it sounds.

Trisha had a team from Canada; She personally knew one of the members, and they wanted to check out Trisha's ministry here, so after first traveling all around northern Uganda, they were now here to visit the Acholi Quarters, and that was a perfect time for me to come visit and see that area as well.  Let's just say it was AMAZING to be a small part of this team for a day, and get to know them.  They are mighty people of God!  And I'm not going to lie, it felt a little like home being with them, you know...because Minnesota is known as Little Canada in every part of the US, or that two of the team members(brother and sister) were born in Minneapolis, and John actually used to fly into Alexandria when he was learning to fly planes.  But that's besides the point... Their mission was quite awesome to hear about.  In Toronto they had put on an "event" (or MOVEMENT) called Heaven's Rehearsal, where it was a night of just worship, from every nation, and the coolest thing was that they didn't have any names mentioned, any thank you's, announcements, welcomes, JUST JESUS, Scripture and Worship. I got to watch the movie they showed in the Acholi Quarters, and words cannot explain it... for those of you who thought Urbana Worship was Awe-inspiring, I'd say this was probably ten times that!! :)  They are trying to get the next Heaven's Rehearsal to take place in Northern Uganda!
*This was a vision given by God to Kathy (leader of this team) and her husband (not on this trip) to have every nation represented, laying down their flags (identities) to become ONE BODY- and worship.  What I beautiful thought!!

-->I found This on youtube to give you just a snip about what it was like!  Youtube had some other videos you can check out too! 

So On Monday I met Trisha, and Trisha met the Team.  We went to the Acholi Quarters and just toured the area a little, then went out to eat.  I didn't get back to the Orphanage until about 10pm

Tuesday we went back and the people had a whole day planned out, they were really excited to see the team, and welcomed us warmly!  It was a long day, but very well worth it!  They first welcomed us with about a ten minute song saying we are most welcome, and then had a chance to introduce ourselves! Then the men and women split up, and this gave a time to talk and open up to each other... they told us some of their stories, and just saddens our hearts.

Then we had a chance to go into some of their homes, and learn more about them and more of their story...  I want with Rose! Just wonderful!

Rose had a Beautiful view and I think that must be a small part of Lake Victoria in the distance! 
Rose and her house

After the home visits, they put on songs, dances, drama's and other games for our entertainment.

These ladies know how to shake what the good Lord gave them and  they are not ashamed of it  at all! 

Then they showed the Heaven's Rehearsal Video!

The Church building was packed for the showing of the video

The Beautiful Canadian Friends!! 

After that it our day was done and it was time to say our good byes, to the people and the team; But since I wasn't actually leaving Uganda yet, I most likely will be visiting again!  Since the Team was travelling to the Airport Hotel in Entebbe... to get home I got to go on my first BODA BODA RIDE!!  (it's basically a dirt bike, that are used like a taxi service!)   I didn't get back home to the Orphanage until about 10:30pm again. But I was sure was tired!

Wednesday I got up early and got on the Boda at 7:15 to go to the other orphanage (Loving one-by-one) were I was planning to help out teaching for the day.  That was also a good time... I got to Teach P4 to nine students, all day, all subjects- and it's a little different than US education, and it's hard to teach social studies when I don't know the culture at all, but it was fun and a wonderful learning experience!!

Though it was such a good week, but I was missing the kids- I didn't see them since Monday Afternoon I left when they were napping, and didn't get back until Wednesday before supper. But if I felt that bad for being gone two day after two weeks, what is it going to be like two months from now when I actually go back home to America... YIKES! :'(

Today Friday, I spent the morning at the Kids school, because all the teachers were saying that they missed me and really wanted me to come visit again! They were wondering where I was all week, thought that I went home to America! The teachers are so fun, and they like me (why? I don't know... haha)  and the kids in school haven't got tired of me, still coming up to me trying to touch me and pet my hair... NOTE to SELF: don't squat down to the kids level, because it's just a matter of seconds that they swarm in and you'll be buried by a bunch of 3-5 year olds!! :)

Thursday I stayed home to rest a little, because sickness has been going around the home... and all week I have the symptoms of the start of a head cold, a mild scratchy throat with a start of congestion in my nose.  It hasn't gotten any worse and I've had them all week, so that is a praise!  But please pray for the kids, Brenda has Malaria, and a lot of the kids are getting the same skin rash that Fauzia has, and lots of coughing and runny noses going on!!  

WOW I think that is about it for now... I know this is a long blog post, but that was my busy week, in a nutshell! :)
Thanks for reading!!

Here is a couple more pictures I took of the kids in the Acholi Quarters, during the assembly of songs and dances.

Sweetest little girl!  Downs?? 

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  1. I loved reading about your week! It sounds like those kids love you as much as the kids back here in MN. :) I hope you feel better soon!