Sunday, March 18, 2012

"YES POWER!"  :) That's what all the kids say when the power decides to turn on again after its been off for a while... And that's what I'm saying when I have power to my Laptop again!  Auntie Esther uses a Gateway Computer, and I don't know why we didn't think of this before, but It fits and works in My computer... So I have Power again to my personal computer!  Which means I can upload pictures and stuff again! Praise God!

Well not much has happened since last time I posted.  I made a cake!  YUM Uganda doesn't celebrate St. Patrick's Day at all, but that's when we ate the cake, it was good! They kids thought it was my Birthday, and they like singing Happy Birthday to any random person on any given day!!

Have I Mentioned that I really like the African Worship at Church! Church is two hours, that gives about 50 minutes of straight worship before the message!  Also it amazes me that there is no space between the three services, and today it took about a half an hour just to leave the parking lot... there is so many people, that there are people controlling traffic all the time!!

And the water in the house finally came back on, but know mine upstairs doesn't work :(  haha but they are in the middle of fixing it so I'll have water again by tomorrow, HOPEFULLY!! -I'm not complaining though- it's just part of the whole experience!!


 The Boys (minus Oscar and Emma) were playing so nice together!  Left to Right: Cocus, Joshua, Jerom, Don, and Joel!

Emma Makes me laugh!! He loves these Pink Crocs, but he looks so sharp walking around in them, because he's so Little! :) 

 Jackfruit!! I tried my first fresh Mango and Jackfruit this weekend!! So Good! these are both pictures of the jackfruit! It looks like a big watermelon hanging from a tree!
The Girls posing in their new dresses that were made by the WCA FCCLA! 
Left to Right: Brenda, Esther, Carol, Annet, and Fauzia.

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  1. Fresh Mango!?!? I'm so jealous. Enjoy all the fine eats while you are over there, and have a bunch for us back here too! - Matt