Friday, March 30, 2012

2 Corinthians 12:9

"But he said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me."
-2 Corinthians 12:9

This week I have had a sore throat all week, so I decided not go to the kids school because I know that would take a lot of energy to try to pry hundreds of little 5 year old's off of you every minute. :) But on Wednesday I went to the other orphanage, (Loving One-By-One, New Creation Family home) to teach P4 again, and that is were my voice quickly melted down to nothing.  Believe me those 9 kids were pretty well behaved that day so I don't blame them for me loosing my voice, I just think that I was using it to much that day.

By the time I went to bed on Wednesday, there was nothing left of my voice.  This is the first time that my voice has completely left me, and it just started to come back tonight (friday night).  The weird part about it is that I Feel fine, I mean I don't feel sick or anything, my throat actually is feeling better! And I'm still the same old smiley, dancing, joyful personality you are all familiar with, just imagine me a little or (a lot :)) quieter.

Even though I feel really bad not being able to comfort the kids when they come to me with every little pain, or to make sure that they are staying out of trouble, or even walking to the school to get the kids I feel so rude not being able to greet the people I walk by, or the kids at school. But the truth is it is all part of God's plan and HE is still Working through this...because like the above verse I shared, His power is made perfect through my weak voice!

When the kids heard me try to talk when it was first going away, you should have seen their face, they are so worried and tell me that I am sick,(but again I don't feel sick! I am Alright!) They keep telling me that they are going to pray for me to get better! And actually Joshua was praying for everyone tonight after devotions and his exact prayer "...and we thank you for Auntie Melissa's not talking that well..." I almost laughed out loud, but I know that he really was being sincere and praying for me to get better.  He is 8 (tomorrow actually!!) and they are used to just thanking God for food, water, and everyone in the home; we are just teaching them to extend their prayers so it's not his fault that he said the prayer that way! They are so sweet and want to see me with a voice again so I can sing them more songs!

This past week a lot of kids have been sick, including the youngest Emma! He is a couple months short of three, but he is about the size of a year and half year old. (actually the shirt he is wearing in the picture size 9-12 months!) He would come up to me with this face and start crying, until I pick him up and then he would be just fine.  It's hard to tell now if he is still not feeling good, or because he know's he is the youngest and just wants to be held :)  but really, How can you say no to THIS face???

Right, I didn't think so!   So All Better! 

Actually I was comforting Emma like this a lot this week and was reminded just how much our Father Loves us, and likes to hold us like this when we are not felling the best. I was reminded of the song "the more I seek you" and actually shared it with the staff Tuesday when I led staff devo's, So I might as well share it with you too: sit back, listen to the words, and know that you are just a child in the arms of the Lord, His heart beat is all around, and we desire that attention to be held and LOVED! 

A few more SMILING FACES I get to share with you! 

My Three Babies!

Mama Lois doing Brenda's Hair
Annet, Emma, Jerom 
Cocos and Brenda


Cocos, Esther, Emma, Annet


  1. I am very much enjoying reading your stories and seeing your photos of you lovin' on those kids!! I'm sure they adore you.

  2. Hey M. Dockter. Nick says your still a bastard.
    I'm sitting here at Perkins with Amanda, and we just sang the moose song. haha.. love you!
    Can't wait to see you in May, boo!