Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sorry! I just realized that I haven't made a post in a while.  I don't have much to say I guess, but just to make sure all of you know I am all better, actually right after the last post I was feeling good and have my voice back, and the kids love that I can sing with them again!

Since the last post:
Saturday, March 31: We celebrated a birthday; Joshua turned 8years (he's the oldest!)  I had a nice video of us singing Happy Birthday, but it got lost along with some other pictures, when I was importing them one day, I clicked the button on that says erase photos after importing, and most of them didn't turn out... so I have no good birthday photo :( But now I'm going to make sure I don't erase the pictures off the memory card until I know for sure they turned out!! :) haha

April,1st: Palm Sunday:  I guess we were suppose to bring your own palm leaf to church, because here they are everywhere!! :)  I didn't bring my own palm leaf, but I waved the PALM of my hands!! :)

Easter Weekend the kids had Friday and this Monday off of school.  Thursday night we had a "Camp Out"  We didn't sleep out side, but we had supper outside, then roosted marshmallows and put them on "biscuits" to make smores! Then we did our singing and devotion story around the fire before the kids went to bed.  After that the kids went to bed, I put on some worship songs I have on my computer, sat by the fire with Auntie Esther, and gazed up at the clouds trying to cover the ALMOST FULL moon in the sky! That was an amazing night!  We did the camp out to celebrate Mama Sara, because Wednesday, (tomorrow April 12) she is fling back to Texas, for six weeks!  Keep her in your prayers, please! She is going to be doing a lot of promoting of the ministry in different parts of Texas, so pray for the people that will hear her message!


EASTER SUNDAY! We went to church, and It was actually the 28th anniversary of Watoto Church, the same day! So instead of spending so much focus on Easter and the Risen King, I learned more about the history of Watoto and What God did in those 28 years, but more importantly What will he accomplish in the next coming years! It was very good service!

After church and nap time: Mama Sara (originally from Texas) and Auntie Trisha (remember the Achrolli Quarters ministry I talked about a few weeks ago... she is originally from Toronto, Cananda) and me got to teach the kids and other staff what and Easter Egg Hunt was! Even though Our Compound area is not that good for hiding things, at this age, the kids had a blast running around picking up all the plastic eggs! 

Today the kids went back to school, and this week is Exam Week! Next week will be the start of their Holiday (they have year long school, so they go to school for two months, then off a month) So after this week, we have all the kids home all the time... which on the plus side means that I get to sleep in until 8 or even 9 sometimes, instead of 7am to get them ready for school!  :) And I think I'm going to try to get some what of a lesson plan set up for them, and help one on one kids with what they need help with... but we will see how that turns out!
I like to call him the EMMAsouras: He likes to make quite the entrance every morning! :) 

This week marks the halfway time of my trip already... 5 weeks has flew by so fast, and I have a feeling the next 5 will go even faster  because again all the kids will be home all the time! (which is a bittersweet thing) I'm not EXCITED to think about leaving these wonderful people and beautiful children, but I am Excited to see all of you back home again and share stories with you person of my trip!  And I'm always EXCITED about a summer at Camp Oak Hills! :)

Don't forget that I love you all much!


  1. These pictures and videos are great! They really tug at my heart. I can just imagine how they will tug at yours when it comes time for you to return to us.

  2. I Love the updates!! The pictures are so wonderful, I LOVE hearing the opportunites and experiences you've been having. glad to hear your voice is returning to you! Take care, cherish and relish in your remaining weeks :D