Monday, March 12, 2012

Wow a whole week in Africa already!!  In some ways it has been so fast, but in another way so much has happened it seems like I have been here longer than 7 days.  So far I have experienced some nights without power, five+ days without running water (my bathroom upstairs works, but the ones downstairs don’t… and we have a tank that collects rain water off the roof so we haven’t been completely waterless, we just have to fill up the buckets and carry water inside for the kid’s bath time.) I’ve got to go to the dentist with Don, so he can get dentures, the surgery (clinic) with Fauziya, she has some kind of fungal infection that causes little bumps all over her body (pray that it doesn’t spread to all the kids.) and I’ve been to three different open markets that sell Food, furniture, and hand crafts with Mama Sara, uncle Joseph and Esther.  All in the first week and that was just part of it!  It has been truly amazing so far, and I think it will just get better!!.  

The weather has been pretty hot and humid most days (about 90*F I’m guessing plus humidity is high) it must be bad when the Ugandans say it’s hot outside!! J Sunrise is about 6am and sunset is about 6pm, and it never changes, and so far I haven’t need to use an alarm, I automatically wake up with enough time to have a little quiet time, and get myself ready before I go down stairs and help get the kids ready!

The Food is so good, but so filling, after a week, though, I think I’m getting used to it and able to eat my whole plate full faster than before.  I also think I’m getting addicted to African Tea (tea, milk, sugar) which is served every morning with my breakfast! I’ve been trying a lot of new foods that I’m not used to, plain avocado, potato’s that are sweet, different kinds of banana, a green banana, and one that is only for roasting they call a Gonja… and there is so many more, that I can’t even explain and have yet to try.    

The kids have been so wonderful to play with.  I’ve been teaching them the John 1:12, and they like to singing it back to me to show me how well they can sing it with out my help!  And they have been teaching me a lot of fun songs too.  During devotion time before bed we sing and dance around the room, and then listen to a story.

And when the kids go to bed, and after the staff devotion, is when my brothers Godfrey and Moses and sister Lois, try to teach me to dance! Haha We have some fun times already!  I think I'm liking my new home! 

More Pictures:
All the kids were putting flowers in my hair and saying Princess Melissa! 
Don and Carol


Auntie Esther is painting Esther's toenails and the other girls. Some of the boys were watching too! Qutix is what they call it! 

Our new furniture for the home bought at the open furniture market. All the furniture are hand made. A couch, 2 chairs, a table, and 2 hanging racks all packed on the back of the truck

Everyday this week we watched Puss in Boats! The absolutely LOVE this movie.  All of them can quote the whole movie!  

Joshua, the oldest is helping dry the clothes.

After washing their sandals, they decided to wash the car too! 
Carol, Jerom, and Emma. 

On you Marks, Get Set, GO! 

Mary's new chair

It's a surprise party and the surprise is on you! 
Oscar kept saying this too me, and I just had to get it on camera.  It's so adorable! 

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  1. It looks like you are finding lots of adventures! Love you.