Saturday, May 5, 2012

Where on Earth did the month of April go? And the first week of May! 

I started writing this post on the 1st of May which was May Day for you, but here in Uganda that's when they celebrate Labor Day. I was trying to explain what happens on May Day… and all I remember is how we put "May Baskets" on the doorstep, and then running away… But WHY I have no idea! It’s amazing the weird traditions that happen but we don’t remember the significance behind it all.

Well, I haven't been around the internet all week, so that is way it took so long to make a post, but I know you have been waiting patiently to hear about how I am doing! 

Well besides May first being May Day and Labor Day, their was also a birthday in the house! The baby of the home is now three! Yes Emmanuel, aka Emma is three years old, still about the same size of a one and a half year old, but cute as could be! 
I tried so hard to get a picture of him smiling and holding three fingers up to show his age...but the expression on his face in this picture is priceless!  "You want a piece of this?" 
I am still trying to figure out were the month of April went… I was thinking about all the activities that took place during the month of April looking at my past posts and pictures on my computer and April started with Easter… which I don’t know about you, but for me that seems like an incredibly long time ago.

I find it so amazing that time can fly by so fast yet, how much we can actually pack into that time that makes it seem so long ago.  I guess the only way to actually watch the time fly by is by throwing a clock out the window! (That is suppose to be funny, just incase you didn’t catch that joke.)
Because when we are busy with our different activities, we are not aware of how fast the time has gone, yet when we are sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing the little time we spent seems like forever.
But for real, you don’t want to hear me blab on about the time, because I know we have all been their and experienced those moments, and you really don’t want to read about that…

So as the song ‘Seasons of Love’ is playing in my head… “how do you measure, measure a year…” I wanted to remind myself about what has happened in just this past Month, and how God was at work.  So feel free to take this little trip down memory lane with me as a share some events that I may or may not have shared with you already…

4/5/12 Camp Fire and S'mores 

4/8/12 Easter Sunday- Easter Egg Hunt

4/11/12: Don got his Dentures!  But we took them back this week, because  it didn't really fit in his mouth, so the dentist is trying to fix them! 

4/11/12 We said "Good bye" to Sara and Baby Abby.
They went back to Texas  for six weeks to visit family
and speak about the ministry.

4/16/12: Kids went on holiday, so they didn't have school for the next 4 weeks...Which means that they got to spend all day at home until May 14th!
But I made sure they were kept busy with different stations where they switch every 45 minutes!
(It must be the teacher in me!)
Well they loved the different groups and stations and for the most part it kept them out of trouble... okay not all the time, but I can hope can't I?

Oh and I got my hair done!  Several times! With LEGOS!!

4/18/12: I peeled my first Matoke!
(can you tell which one is mine?)  haha :) 

4/23/12 I ate fried ants!

4/28/12: We went to the zoo, so here is a video of some pictures I took to capture our day...
A day at the ZOO!

Oh and of course... I brought Sledding to Africa! -Take a look!

And what is sledding with out Christmas?  The kids LOVE making Christmas trees with the Legos, sometimes I think it is the only thing they know how to make, because they make one at least five times a day! 

That about sums up the month of April!

Now it's May and I have less then ten days left! -crazy!

I really hate to think about leaving so soon… Actually Joseph (the director)  keeps telling me I should stay in Uganda forever!
-Well it's really too early to tell what will happen within the next year.

In more ways than one I wish my time in Uganda was longer, but on the other hand I can’t help thinking about all the wonderful things that will take place starting as soon as I return to Minnesota!! I am so excited for yet another exciting summer at Camp Oak Hills and after seeing the staff list, and can’t help but smile at those names, and I’m starting to get really hungry for some of Clara’s Camp Cooking!

I continue to thank those of you who are praying for me! God has been at work in this place, and I so glad that He gave me this opportunity to be a part of something truly amazing! But really God what did I ever do to deserve these past amazing two months? 

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