Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today is February 1st; It marks one short month until I leave (yes 29 days)!  My original departure was scheduled for tomorrow, and oh boy, I would not be ready, so in a way I'm really thankful for another month to really prepare myself.  I don't think it has really hit me what exactly I'm getting myself into, I just feel a mixture of excitement, nervous, scared, and probably some other things too but I can't help to just smile when I think about all the things that I will learn and do on this trip! :)

By saying yes to God, and be willing to leave the country by myself, for so long has been extremely hard.  I have always dreamed that I would go on many mission trips and serve the Lord anywhere He wants to send me, but when it actually happens and I committed and so close to do so, WOW, its has been a huge step in Faith (hence the name of the blog haha).  Learning to trust Him with everything, my life, my financial needs, the strength for friends and family to believe, and so much more.  By saying Yes to this trip has also opened my eyes to really see how many lives I've touched here, just by seeing all the support, care and the other reactions I've gotten when I tell friends what God is up too in my life! So a BIG THANKS to all of you who happen to be reading this right now: I know I'm not going alone on this trip, because knowing that you care, is reassuring that this is all going to be worth it in the end, and God has all control!

I also did something crazy this last week.  I applied to Oak Hills!  It was just bound to happen when everyone thinks that I go there anyway, so I guess everyone saw it coming- except for me!!  But I am really excited to spend a year digging into the word, and learning new truth. I have only committed to a one year Bible certificate for now: but who knows where God will lead me next!


  1. :D! (That's the huge smile that's on my face right now...)

  2. I am excited too, for all you will experience and learn in the next while as you allow God to use you! :)